Retry decorator with whitelisted exceptions in Python

Wondering how to retry a function in python, even if it complains with exceptions?

I created a retry decorator which will help a function get called multiple times even if a set of exceptions are thrown.

The decorator will

  • Catch the exceptions if thrown and retry the function
  • Introduce a delay specified between successive calls
  • Eventually (after the last retry), throw the exception if the function keeps on throwing the exception after multiple retries

Scenarios – This decorator can come handy if you are trying to write some kind of file downloader form certain api where read/connect timeouts may occur.


Here it is:

def retry(exceptions, delay=0, times=2):
    A decorator for retrying a function call with a specified delay in case of a set of exceptions

    Parameter List
    :param exceptions:  A tuple of all exceptions that need to be caught for retry
                                        e.g. retry(exception_list = (Timeout, Readtimeout))
    :param delay: Amount of delay (seconds) needed between successive retries.
    :param times: no of times the function should be retried

    def outer_wrapper(function):
        def inner_wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
            final_excep = None  
            for counter in xrange(times):
                if counter > 0:
                final_excep = None
                    value = function(*args, **kwargs)
                    return value
                except (exceptions) as e:
                    final_excep = e
                    pass #or log it

            if final_excep is not None:
                raise final_excep
        return inner_wrapper
    return outer_wrapper
@retry(exceptions=(TimeoutError, ConnectTimeoutError), delay=0, times=3)
def download_gd_file():

#Note – The exception names above are symbolic 🙂

Hope you find it useful 😀