LOGIC – A Fresh Look


We are undergoing an immense confusion and chaos in our daily life. Chaos, in our thoughts, in our society, relationships, nationalism, identities, religious life.

This confusion results into a painful disturbance causing colossal conflicts in our mind, desensitising us, leaving us with no energy and sensitivity, depriving us of love and compensation, which are essential for a comprehensive living.

Confusion breeds more confusion and we end up chasing illusionary ideas, ideals & ideologies hoping that they will help us get clarity of thought and provide us a stability, individualy, as well as, as a society. This immediately makes us a bait in the hands of manipualtive, conditioned people who start selling us illusions in the name of holiness & religion, power control, money and what not.

Herein, I am trying to start a discussion on some of these topics, which I believe, can help all of us in taking better decisions, see the difference between a fact and an illusions.

Let us start the discussion with an important topic – LOGIC

The topic of LOGIC is important in itself, as we generally take actions or are driven to action by others, based on the logical appeal of an idea or an ideology. Herein, we will try to cover some aspects of LOGIC, by going a bit deeper into its construction, contextual implications and the various psychological ramifications of logic.

We will not go into various theoretical establishments on Logic but rather apply our own selves and see how far we can go.

What is Logic?

Or rather, When can we say we are being Logical?

A Logical movement, is essentially a movement, in which thought is comprehensively able to put all the pieces of a puzzle together. That is, When thought evaluates an idea or an action as being Fact driven, Unbiased and Unconditioned, Aligned with the intented goal, probably we can say that the idea or action seems Logical.

Example – Is Secularism logical way of living?

To answer the above question, we need to answer these questions.

  • Can secularism, factually, leads to its intended goals? Respect, peace & acceptance for all religions?
  • Historically, has secualrism created everlasting peace?
  • Is secularism a natural way of living or have we adopted it out of conditioning? That is, have we adopted it effortlessly, without any intelligence because our constitution, schools and various establishments have taught us about secualarism or do we actually see the truth of peace through secularism directly?

I will try to answer the above questions later, but I hope you got the idea and intent of the discussion.

Going through various stories, incidents and articles on internet everyday, I believe, we all came across various discussions and comments from people, who believe, they are logical in their approach and still, everything around us seems illogical.

Next, let us go around some of the “patterns” commonly used by people to claim logical-ness of their views/statements.

Transactional logic
1) Transactional Logic
If an idea has both cause and effect highlighted, we readily take it to be logical.
Example –
i. “ Global warming is increasing resulting in reduced rains  Bangalore year by year ” (That simple?)
ii. “ You committed atrocious acts in your last life and hence you are suffering now ”  (Any proofs?)
iii. “ I worked hard, hence got success ” (Luck? Silver Spoons?)
2) Grammatical Logic  (Arguing for the sake of arguing)
Sometimes, people say something which is just syntactically correct and expect it to be taken as logical.
Examples –
Boss : “You are late for cooking.” Servant: “My dishes are always perfect” (any relation?)
3) Storytelling Logic (Danger)
Just because some one puts an effort to create an end to end story around an idea or ideology, does not mean that the story is logical. Psychologically, we are very susceptible to giving up our defenses and adopt an idea, if it is presented as a story in the form of a movie, book, novel, presentation, or sometimes just a one-liner
i.  All children bedtime stories.
ii. Mein Kamph – The presentation of Jews as inferior race compared to Aryans through maze of arguments
iii. History Stories – Various stories presented in epic books like Mahabharata etc, with projected heroes & villains. our acceptance of heroes, morality & authority etc is instant.


Psychological Logic
– Punishment
Appeals to someones innate sense of insecurity and forces him to act out of fear rather than need or true alignment of values. Taught all the way through schools.
– Ideology / Mass support based logic
Democracy/ Communism / Religious dogmas. Taking advantage of confusion of people at large, new ideas and ideologies are presented as a logical alternative. The complexity of ideas and authoritative attitudes of people fool people into believing into the veracity of ideologies.
– Imitation
Example based logic. My father did something and got success. So, should/would

Emotional logic:
This kind of logic generally takes advantage of the fact that psychological constructs like Pride and Attachment have daily acceptance in people and meet with minimum backlash. However, it is time that instead of accepting an ideas as logical because it safeguards our pride and respect, we should first go deeper into the concepts like pride, respect and attachment and find out if these construct are in line with basic human values and dignity or we accept them simply out of social and physiological conditionings
– Pride
– Respect
– Identity Consciousness
– Attachment

Sensational logic
– violence – revenge/ragging – In the heat of anger, revenge seems most logical way out. But is it?


Our ego (which is a set of thoughts out of control) tries hard to switch off all logical buttons by making us unaware / incomprehensive / gratifications/sensations  and other innumerable tricks.

How to know if you are being illogical?
By Motive : If there is a bias, a motive behind accepting an idea as logical, where motive can be any self-centred activity or construct – insecurity, greed, fear, etc – then probably we are not being truly logical
Mind without Heart : If an idea is purely a materialistic movement (like punishment) which does not take human dignity into account, that is an idea which does not give compassion any chance, then that idea or ideology is only a business deal, and hence illogical. Guiding Factor for logic has to be “Dignity”, which we will cover in a later article

Obviously illogical
– beliefs
– superstitions
– actions out of insecurity

How to be watchful?
If the proponents of logic exhibit below tactics, I believe, the logical aspect of an idea has to be carefully evaluated:
– Incessant rationalizations
– Hiding behind quotes from books and authorities
– Refraining from discussing compassion

What is True Logic and can it ever surface?
For True Logic to appear, we need to give up our conditionings, biases, self-interests and apply our human side – love and compassion

Our small case study – Secularism

I briefly mentioned above about Secualrism. Let us try to see what secularism consists of and whether it is feasible.

Secularism essentially states – Respect (and tolerate) beliefs from other religions and expressions of those beliefs.

A belief is essentially an idea which can not be proven. By its very definition, harnessing beliefs is a dangerous exercise. Why? Because it can grow in any direction. Since, evidence and proof of belief is not required, any supposed authority can issue a belief-based statement as a fact and expect it to be accepted. Considering the endless imaginary powers of human beings, books after books can be written and have been written on ways to reach God, behave, morality and what not !!

God is a male figure, Heaven and Hell, Stories in Puranans etc……..

The ony way out of this intricate mess is : To not have any beliefs

Which means, we should understand why we have so many beliefs & superstitions. The answer essentially lies in : Insecurity

if we reach the above conclusion, I think we will also find a way to get over it without creating beliefs after beliefs.

To accept expressions of belief by others (Secularism) may be a stop-gap arrangement, but it is “illogical” and a failure-in-waiting inspite of all the efforts put by constitution, governments etc. Because acceptance has limits. I may find it unacceptable if someone builds structures of prayers (temples, mosques etc), another may fina it unacceptable if someone chants prayers from otherreligions and another may find it unacceptable if his children just come know about other religions.

Beliefs, by very definition, are designed to clash. Whether they are relgious beliefs, ideological beliefs or philosophical beliefs.

An intelligent man can solve the problem of beliefs only by giving beliefs up completely. And that would be the most LOGICAL thing

What do you think?

Note: This article is work in progress and will be updated