The Ryan School Tragedy and Human Apathy

The horrifying incident which happened in Ryan International School last week has caught the attention of entire country.

(A student of 2nd grade ‘Pradyumn’ was murdered by a bus conductor after a molestation attempt)

Parents are in shock, school management is silent, politicians are calculating opportunities and media is simply unstoppable.
Demonstrations have started against the management and parents have asked for CBI probe.

News anchors reached on the spot, diligently showed the pictures of blood rotting on the floor and the walls and heavy debate is happening on what went wrong.

Interestingly, ( or rather shockingly ), most of these analysts have quickly reached the eventual conclusion that it was a flaw in the formal security setup that resulted in this murder. The so-called guidelines have not been followed thoroughly and also, the guidelines are not enough. We need more guidelines, more thorough background check-ups, tighter government and a national list of sex-offenders.

Rewind a few weeks earlier and exactly same demands were presented when Dera Sachha Sauda followers rampaged Haryana (with ~30 people dead). We need bulletproof security, vigilant government, diligent police, etc, etc.

Rewind a few weeks more earlier and exactly same questions were raised when the heartening Gorakhpur hospital tragedy happened. Government failure, Infra mismanagement etc, etc.

I am sorry but I find each and every one of these speculations, rather insufficient, superficial and digressive.

Yes, security, infrastructure, diligence are functional and practical needs to be met with blood and sweat. But can they ever be enough?

How many CCTVs can the government put, how many schools, routes, vehicles can they cover and where?

How many people can we profile? Drivers, Maids, Relatives, Neighbors, Parents !! ?

When the entire society has become inhuman, is it a problem of infrastructural deficiency anymore?

Instead of getting lost in the deluge of arguments, proofs, media dare, guidelines, etc, we have to regain our focus on our daily selves and ask the truly relevant questions.

So, what is the root cause of all these incidences? Isn’t it the gradual ‘desensitization’ of entire society?

We are searching for solutions without even trying to understand the problem here.

Murder of an innocent child out of someone’s perversion is a serious psychological challenge that life has thrown on society, a wake up call, and we are simply fooling ourselves by placing all the onus on security and governments.

We need to find out the reason for this disease of desensitization, which is spreading like epidemic in entire human consciousness.

Why one human being thinks that he can go over the board and use another human being for his/her selfish perversions? We need to understand this unnatural damage that is taking place in all human relationships, this daily violence which we are ignoring and accepting as norm everywhere – call it road rage, domestic violence, human trade, war, nationalism or by any other name.

Is this our true eventual human nature which is showing up slowly or have we moved away from our true nature of love & compassion ?

Why are we becoming so insensitive to everything and everyone around us. Isn’t this insensitivity itself a form of ‘death’, a murder ?

Are we running away from a thorough discussion because we ourselves have contributed to these perversions?

We need to find out for ourselves, aren’t we also, in our own capacity, responsible for this insensitivity when we become selfish, greedy, corrupt and individualistic ?

Isn’t it the overly sensational life that each and everyone of us is seeking that is making our mind mechanical and lifeless, insensitive?

Be it violent cinema, pornography, consumerism, power or greed, everything that we are touching is destroying us in one way or another.

This immense problem of human insensitivity can never be solved by sentimentality, candle marches and media blabber nor can we put this responsibility on  structures like governments, politicians and societies which are simply our own reflections and equally inhuman. it is our daily problem and we have to be very serious about it.
We have to learn the very art of balancing between sensible and sensational living, what is human and inhuman, recognising are we hurting the human dignity by our actions?

And the very first step to go into it is to recognize and accept that these incidents are not formal, structural or  security failures but clear “psychological issues“.

Then we have to understand the nature of “relationship” that each human being should have or not have with each other and what is creating this isolation and indifference?
Then we need to also understand what is “human dignity” and reject each and every action that treads on it.

We have to reject societal norms which create divides between human beings, organized religions and authorities which are making zombies out of us by prescribing us the right way of living and preventing us from true enquiries into our minds, thoughts and actions.

I am no intellectual nor I have any interest in any kid of moral policing. But, I don’t believe any person looking to understand and solve this mess can afford to bypass these obvious complexities, which are fundamental to various crimes and insane, neurotic behaviors.

We are spending lot of energy in speculations and utopian (bulletproof security?) solutions but what is fundamental, the core issue is still untouched.
Instead of applying all this mechanical and reactionary intelligence of analysis, blame, statistics and stupidity, we have to awaken a deeper intelligence in us which is comprehensive, capable, factual and truly logical (which encompasses human dignity). And I believe, it is the most urgent need.

Otherwise, we are just waiting for one calamity after another.

If my reasons are looking impractical and absurd, I want to know what is the alternative? Either we can go on living like we are, or we can change. A change, which is not one more absurd jump from one solution to another but rather an awakening, arising our of self-knowledge and self-awareness.